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Revolutionary Waterjet Technology

Introducing the Jet-Tech technology for OXE Diesel Outboard that replaces traditional outboard propolusion on the water!

JET-TECH® is a single stage compact high performance waterjet which combines mixed-flow properties within an axial design build, with a hybrid stator for high torque diesel outboard engines and others. The Jet-Tech® unit is manufactured as a direct bolt-on replacement to the standard lower unit on OXE diesel outboard models. One jet fits every OXE diesel model manufactured. This approach combines the key benefits of excellent high-speed efficiency with superior cavitation margins at lower speeds and high load conditions.

The Jet-Tech® waterjet performance is equal to or better than propeller versions and is matched 1:1 to the unit horsepower-driven prop outboard. This level of achievement has never been reached in any waterjet product to date.


Your premier distributer of OXE Diesel outboards in the Pacific Northwest

Diesel Outboards Northwest utilizes decades of marine industry experience to help you find a diesel powerplant that meets your specific needs. As your source for OXE outboards, we can offer durable, fuel efficient outboards for government, commercial, fishing, and recreational use.

With over two decades of traditional marine industry experience, our expert technicians love the opportunity to talk about all things outboard – including the differences between gas and diesel outboards, the benefits of going diesel, and which brand would be the right fit for your needs.



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